What is Carbon Fiber, and what makes it so special?

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Carbon fiber originated for aerospace use, but as it has become more usable this material expanded into the automotive industry.  It has several properties that make it a superior product for so many automotive applications.  Properties such as high rigidity, tensile strength, chemical resistance,  temperature tolerance, and with a low weight and thermal expansion.

Carbon Fiber is a material that consisted of thousands of carbon atom fibers in diameters of 5 to 10 micrometers.  In order for RW Carbon to produce carbon fiber products like front lip spoilers, rear diffusers, trunk spoilers, trunks, hood and many more, the carbon atom crystals must be bonded together in a symmetrical and parallel pattern.  This alignment gives the carbon fiber its strength and the ability to be lightweight.  Thousands to millions of these carbon fibers are bundled together to form carbon fabric.

From there a mold must be made of the desired aero piece.  In order to form your favorite carbon fiber parts and accessories, resin must be added to the carbon fabric and then molded.  When a perfect mixture/ratio of carbon fabric and resin is used the parts become extremely rigid and take on a very high strength-to-weight-ratio.

Strength- to-Weight-Ratio:

Every carbon fiber aero part that is designed has its own special number of layers of fibers to create a perfect ratio of strength, weight and stiffness.  This is why carbon fiber is so limitless when it comes to the design aspect.  Metal on the other hand is more limited on the shape it can provide.  Carbon fiber composites typically weigh a quarter of the weight of steel, but has the same amount of rigidity, making it 4 times as stiff on a weight-to-weight basis.

RW Carbon - Carbon Fiber Manufacturing Process

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