Do Carbon Fiber Aero Parts Actually Make My Car More Aerodynamic?

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A quick answer to this question is yes!  The majority of carbon fiber aero parts that RW Carbon carries actually add real aerodynamic characteristics to your car.  When most people think of aerodynamics, they think less resistance applied to their car at a high of speed, while engineers will think of it in terms of a coefficient of drag.  This is not always the case when it comes to all aero carbon fiber parts.

Some parts like trunk lid spoilers and front lip spoilers can even increase the amount of drag that is applied to the car.  However, this is a the kind of drag all racers yearn to have, and that is downforce.  Downforce is a downwards thrust created by the aerodynamic characteristics of a car.  The purpose of downforce is to allow a car to travel faster through a corner by increasing the vertical force on the tires, thus creating more grip.  Plain and simple, downforce adds weight to your car, which helps to increase traction when you are pushing your car to its limits.

As engineers are creating these beautifully shaped carbon fiber aero pieces, they constantly have aerodynamics in mind.   Many of these engineers that create carbon fiber aero pieces for every day cars like Audi, BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen have their roots in the racing industry.  Each piece from splitters to roof spoilers are shaped to create the perfect balance of downforce, while still keeping the car aerodynamically stable.  Not to say that all carbon fiber aero parts are balanced perfectly, but the majority of high end pieces are designed with looks and full functionality in mind.

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