Quick Guide on how to Care for Carbon Fiber

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When most of our followers think of carbon fiber they think of an exotic material used only on the highest performance vehicles.  That is one reason why adding carbon fiber parts and/or accessories is such a hot topic right now, as every automotive enthusiast strives to make their car look unique.   Luckily carbon fiber does not require as much care as the exotic cars they come on.   All of RW Carbon’s carbon fiber parts and accessories are finished off with a clear coat which gives them a protective layer and a nice shine.  Because the clear coat is similar to the clear coat on your paint, our products should be treated with the same type of care.  They can be washed with soap and water and for extra protection, finish each wash with a light polish and carnauba wax.  The clear coat on our items tend to be softer than the clear coat on your paint so a nice soft polishing will get rid of any fine scratches.  The carnauba wax will then protect the clear coat while enhancing the clear coat’s shine.

Since carbon fiber trunk spoilers are very popular right now I will use them as an example on how to care for carbon fiber.  For regular maintenance wash and dry it with the rest of your vehicle.  RW Carbon recommends that you lightly polish and wax the trunk spoiler or any other carbon fiber aero part after every wash to ensure it stays scratch free and glossy.  If you live in areas with harsh weather then you will want to use a clay bar several times a year to remove embedded contaminants.

To ensure the best care for your carbon fiber trunk spoiler RW Carbon also recommends that you polish and wax each part by hand.  A machine in untrained hands can put bad swirl marks into the clear coat.  At RW Carbon we like to use a microfiber wax applicator pad and towel.  For the wax itself we like to use Meguriars Deep Crystal Polish and Carnauba wax, but any good name brand waxes will work just fine.


1. Wash and dry the trunk spoiler.

2. Park your car in the shade and apply a thin coat of polish by hand.  Be sure to use light pressure as the clear coat is soft and can leave swirl marks behind.


3.  Allow 5-10 minutes to dry (depending on outside temperature).

4.  Wipe the dried polish off with a mircofiber towel.


5.  Repeat steps 1-4 with the Carnauba wax.


If the steps above are taken on a regular basis your carbon fiber aero parts and accessories will last much longer.  Even though we give our products a clear coat, over time

Have more questions about carbon fiber upkeep and care? Please email us at info@rwcarbon.com

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