Space Coupe Diffuser

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Arguably one of the best looking Benz’s that Mercedes offers, this AMG GTS looks killer from front to back. This car was very far from stock sporting aftermarket turbos, suspension work,and a custom ECU tune. This car was loud, and most definitely fast.

This GTS was built in a simplistic manner. The color of the car was classy, there was no added wing or anything that stood out, it was simply a very clean, very fast car. However, the owner was interested in beefing up the back end. That is where RW Carbon’s GTS Diffuser comes into play.

This GTS Diffuser beefs up the back end making it look extremely aggressive over the stock, in this case, carbon fiber diffuser. Compared to the stock carbon fiber diffuser that was on this car, the fins on our GTS diffuser hung much lower and offered more structure to the diffuser as a whole.

This was the piece that this GTS needed. The carbon fiber contrasts very well with the silver color of this car keeping that classy look but with added aggression. The GTS Diffuser makes the back end of this car look powerful which it most definitely deserves.

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