BMW M2 Competition Adds More Aggression

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Our customer came in today with their black BMW M2 Competition Car looking to receive some additional aggression to their car. This car naturally looks great but with a few RW additions, we were able to take this car to the next level. Our customer decided to add our Carbon Fiber Winglets as well as our M2 GTX Style Trunk Spoiler.

This GTX Style Trunk Spoiler is a great addition for anyone trying to add some aggression to the back end of their M2 Comp. Our trunk spoiler is low profile but provides a large improvement to the back end of the vehicle. Compared to the stock back end, the trunk spoiler addition gives a much more superior look. Our GTX Trunk Spoiler is crafted with 2×2 carbon fiber weave which will match all other RW Carbon Fiber parts.

Next, we added our Carbon Fiber Winglets to the side of the car. These winglets, like the trunk spoiler, are low profile but add a large improvement to the side profile of this vehicle. Our winglets give the car a more bold look compared to the stock model of this car. The installation of these Winglets are very simple using 3M double-sided tape and a couple self-taping screws. These carbon fiber winglets are of course constructed out of genuine carbon fiber and are finished off with a clear coat for a glossy shimmer. If you have any questions about these parts or any of our other parts feel free to contact us at 714-328-4406. Our office in Anaheim Hills is also open from 8:00AM to 4:00PM PST.

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