F82 M4 in a Class if It’s Own

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Last week, in our shop, we had a 2019 F82 M4 in Mineral Grey come in to stand out. We built a package around the OEM Carbon Fiber Roof with tasteful add-ons and accents to solidify this BMW M4 as 1 of 1.

2019 BMW F82 M4 w/ Carbon Fiber

Lets start at the beginning, when the wheel first rolled into he garage. What looks to be the Performance Style Splitters at first glance, is actually just a Carbon Fiber wrap; so this opened up a couple different options for front lip spoilers that would fit. After mocking up a few options, The owner’s face lit up at the 3D Style.

The face of this F82 is finished with a set of Carbon Fiber Kidney Grills to compliment the viscous jawline the BMW F8X M3 & M4 3D Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip.

A smooth design for the added Carbon Fiber Side Skirts seamlessly draws attention in full 360° fashion. The BMW F82/F83 M4 CF Side Skirt Extensions transition the eyes from front to back where you can now appreciate a much more aggressive rear diffuser in full effect.

Our BMW F8X M3/M4 Exotics Style CF Diffuser Refines the edges along the backside trim with a 2×2 Carbon Fiber Weave to match the rest of the kit!

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