M6 Gets Carbon Fiber Back-End Beautified

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One of the most elegant cars on the road today, without question, is the BMW M6. This one was hot of the road into the RW Carbon Shop for a fresh new looks to bring some extra fire to what already is a hot car.

Looking to add some aggressive styling to the back end, This M6 Driver didn’t skip on anything! Our GTX Diffuser was a perfect carbon fiber part to do the job to really bring the muscle out of this powerful vehicle. Paired with the 3D Trunk Spoiler to balance out the vision.

There’s no better compliment to a fresh carbon fiber makeover than a couple accents to bring out the bold 2×2 design. Added here are the Mirror Cap Replacements for the M6 of M5. Also not leaving out the face, we swapped out the chrome for the Carbon Fiber Grills good for any F06/F12/F13.

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