F90 With RWS Diffuser Visits the Mountains

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With a car like the F90 M5, often times owners are seen keeping this car in the garage and occasionally taking it out for a weekend cruise. Not with this F90. This F90 took the challenge of driving up a snow packed mountain to really test the capability BMW has to offer. With the immense power that the F90 puts out on top of the aggressive carbon fiber pieces, this car looked truly out of its element on the snowy roads.

Not only was this car equipped with tons of carbon fiber goodies, but this car also had a very unique suspension setup. We are all used to seeing cars with air suspension, but whenever someone decides to put air on a car of this caliber, it makes it even more unique and definitely makes for some awesome pictures.

Moving to the rear of the vehicle, this F90 was equipped with one of the most aggressive diffusers on the market. This RWS Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser is a 3 piece design that offers a desirable look to the back end of your F90 M5.

This car was wrapped extremely well in a beautiful purple color to make it even more unique than it already is. With the combination of the purple wrap, aftermarket suspension, carbon fiber pieces, and forged wheels, this F90 was definitely one of the more unique cars that we had the pleasure of working on at RW.

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