Audi R8 X BMW M5

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A few weeks back, one of our customers sent us a bunch of images of his F90 paired together wit an Audi R8. These two cars are two different beasts. One, a lightweight v10 powered coupe and the other a heavier more comfortable and powerful sedan.

Both of these cars are unique in their own ways however these cars both had aftermarket diffusers. Carbon fiber is a very common theme with these vehicles mainly because carbon fiber is a luxury and these cars are definitely luxurious.

The diffuser on the M5 is actually our RWS Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser. Arguably one of the most aggressive carbon fiber diffusers on the market, this RWS diffuser really made an impact on the M5’s rear end.

This piece blended in perfectly with all of the other aggressive pieces on this vehicle. Our carbon fiber is designed to match any other carbon fiber already on the car so adding this piece wasn’t even questioned.

RW Carbon strives to provide the automotive community with some of the best carbon fiber pieces and we stand by it. All of our pieces are backed by our fitment and quality guarantee to ensure the quality and longevity of our parts.

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