Modded F32 Gets a Carbon Fiber Hood

Category: BMW
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The F32 is quite an interesting car. It looks extremely similar to the M4 but not quite as fast or expensive. However, with some simple bolt ons, this 4 series can be just as fast if not faster than a base M4.

This 4-series already had plenty of modifications done to it. It had wheels, a carbon fiber front lip, aftermarket suspension, and various other carbon fiber pieces. The last addition that this car was missing was the carbon fiber GTS Hood that we shipped over.

This piece is obviously a very aggressive piece but it works in two ways. Added aggression and weight savings. This piece is significant when it comes to weight savings. It cuts a tremendous amount of weight off the stock aluminum hood.

If you or anyone you know is interested in getting a carbon fiber hood, point them our way and we will be sure to take care of them.

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