Quarantine Vibes With Our F90 M5

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Not often do you see the streets of one of the busiest cities completely empty. We saw this as a perfect scenario to take our M5 out to film a video while also practicing our social distancing. This scene was great for us because it allowed us to get closer to the buildings while also having no interruptions in the process. This is an extremely rare occurrence that we knew we had to take advantage of.

This M5 as we all know is completely kitted out from front to rear with all of the latest RWS carbon fiber pieces. This includes front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser, and our high kick extremely aggressive trunk spoiler. All of this as well as RW Carbons fender trims and carbon fiber grilles.

Overall, with all of the modifications on this car, it makes the car extremely appealing to the eye. All of these pieces are built to last and are covered under our fitment and quality guarantee to ensure that you are getting a quality item. Contact us today if you are looking to get your F90 completely kitted in carbon fiber.

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