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Picture this, you just finished installing all of your carbon fiber parts on your car and decide to take it out for a quick drive around the town. Before you know it you are pulling out of your driveway and you hear a huge scrape coming from the front end of the car. Congratulations, you have officially decimated the bottom of your brand new carbon fiber lip.

However, for your next lip, this problem can be solved. RW Carbon has partnered up with Sliplo to provide car enthusiasts with a way to preserve the quality of their carbon fiber lips.

These pieces are made out of a rubber material and attach to the bottom of the carbon fiber lip to reduce and even prevent scraping from occurring on the bottom of the lip.

Whenever the car goes over a bump or a steep driveway, the Sliplo installed on the bottom of the lip will work to absorb the impact thus reducing the amount of damage that the lip takes.

Sliplo is a must have for vehicles that have front lips installed, especially those that are lowered.

If you have any questions or are looking to get some Sliplo put on to your carbon fiber front lip, please do not hesitate to come into contact with us!

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