F80 BMW M3 Gets a Full RW Carbon Kit

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In recent times here at RW Carbon we have been seeing an influx in full carbon fiber kits on BMW and Mercedes. This Gray in color BMW F80 was matched with 7 RW Carbon parts along side the RW Signature F80 carbon fiber trunk spoiler.

Our RW Signature parts are a one off design and fit perfectly with other aggressive designed parts at RW Carbon. Whether you are looking for a more subtle look or a look that stands out, we have it.

F80 Front Profile

The front end of this car has 3 carbon fiber upgrades that add an extremely aggressive curb side appeal. The BMW M3/M4 Varis Style Front Lip Spoiler paired with M3/M4 Upper and Lower Carbon Fiber Splitters. Pairing a carbon fiber front lip and splitters is one of the most aggressive duos you can get on any BMW. Not only do aftermarket front lips add appeal to the car, it also makes your car unique on the road.

Side Profile Enhancement

On most of the BMW’s that we get here at RW Carbon, side skirts are usually one of the last additions an owner gets. Side skirts ties the rest of the front end and back end especially in this case. BMW F80 Side Skirt Extensions are the perfect finishing touch on any F80. In addition to side skirts this M3 also added Carbon Fiber Mirror Replacements. Mirror replacements are an excellent addition to any vehicle, whether your car is heavily modified or stock.

Finishing F80 Back End

The rear profile on the F80 can be enhanced perfectly with some Carbon Fiber. On this F80 the V2 Exotics Style Carbon Fiber Diffuser and Carbon Fiber Rear Splitters create an aggressive finish to this M3. In addition to this, to finish it all off, the RW Signature F80 Trunk Spoiler. This trunk spoiler is aggressive and classy at the same time. With all of us being car enthusiasts creating a quality one off part for your F80 that can bring happiness to all car owners.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 714-328-4406 or shoot us an email at info@rwcarbon.com

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