Highlighter Yellow C43 With Carbon Fiber Conversion Diffuser

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This car takes the cake for one of the brightest cars to ever visit RW Carbon. This W205 was wrapped in a highlighter yellow that stands out whenever it drives by. However, even with this car being a bright color, that still did not stop the owner from making it even more of a showstopper by adding some carbon fiber.

The Kit

This C43 was one of the first cars to visit RW Carbon and get the Conversion Diffuser Package to make this car take on the more aggressive look that the C63 offers. Not only did we fit the conversion diffuser on to the car, but we also installed the Black Chrome Tips to fit better with the diffuser. These tips are also offered in the standard chrome if preferred over the black.

rw carbon fiber w205 c43 diffuser package

Side Skirts

A staple for any aggressive W205 would be our Carbon Fiber GTX Side Skirts. These side skirts are built to make the car have a much more aggressive side appearance. The side skirt extensions aare constructed using the same 2×2 carbon fiber weave as our other parts so that everything looks uniform on the vehicle.

rw carbon mercedes w205 c43 gtx carbon fiber side skirts

Mirror Caps

RW also swapped out the stock mirror cap replacements with our Carbon Fiber option. These mirror caps are finished with our high gloss UV resistant clear coat to ensure no fading or discoloring happens over the time you have them on the vehicle.

rw carbon w205 mirror cap replacements

DTM Trunk Spoiler

Lastly, the DTM Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler was added to match the aggressive look of the diffuser. This spoiler is one of the most popular spoilers to be added to the W205’s simply because of the simple yet aggressive styling that it offers. This C43 came in looking stock, besides the colorful wrap, and ended up leaving with a full carbon fiber kit from RW.

rw carbon fiber mercedes w205 dtm carbon fiber spoiler

If you have any questions about these pieces or any other carbon fiber pieces on our site, feel free to reach out to us via email at info@rwcarbon.com

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