Modded GTS Fitted with Various RW CF Parts

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A few days ago RW has a GTS dropped off for the day to get some of our carbon fiber installed on it. This car was wrapped in a way that we can’t put into words so we will have the pictures speak for themselves.

This C190 GTS received our Carbon Fiber Front Lip, Side Skirt Extensions, and our Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser all in one install. These pieces are built to give the car a much more aggressive look over the OEM pieces that come on the vehicle. The car already had its own aggressive carbon fiber wing on the rear which ended up pairing extremely well with the carbon fiber diffuser from us.

The side profile of the car was drastically changed with the addition of our carbon fiber side skirts. These side skirts mount underneath the vehicle to give a much more aggressive looking side profile to the vehicle to match the diffuser and front lip.

Moving around to the front of the vehicle, the GTS Carbon Fiber Front Lip was the perfect addition that did not compromise the front end of the vehicle. Often people are skeptical on adding front lips to their vehicles because they are afraid that it could get damaged. With this front lip, it is low profile so all those worries about scraping virtually go out the window.

Overall, this vehicle was modded in terms of performance and looks because of the wrap but was missing the aggression that comes with our carbon fiber pieces. Needless to say the customer was stoked to see the outcome of this project!

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