A Meaner Looking SUV: BMW F97 X3M Meets Carbon Fiber

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The BMW F97 X3M is the sporty fix for an SUV. An acceleration of 0-60 mph in about 3.3 seconds that puts some sports cars to shame, this SUV is truly extraordinary. Take it a step further into the realm of aggression with a touch of carbon fiber. Even one more step further is the fact that this vehicle was supplied with RW Signatures parts. RW’s very own unique and bespoke carbon fiber parts designed in-house by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. Featured on this car is our very own BMW X3/X3M/X4M RWS CF Side Skirt Extensions, BMW F97 G01 X3/X3M RWS Carbon Fiber Mid Spoiler, and our BMW G01/F97 X3/X3M Carbon Fiber Splash Guards.

Our BMW X3/X3M/X4M RWS CF Side Skirt Extensions allows the customers F97 X3M to reach the ultimate side profile aesthetic. Unmatched from other parts on the market, our RWS side skirts offer an aggressive yet subtle nature to compliment the vehicle.

RW’s very own take on an F97 X3M mid spoiler is the BMW F97 G01 X3/X3M RWS Carbon Fiber Mid Spoiler. This mid spoiler was our chance to bring top notch carbon fiber to the market for the consumer to enjoy. This mid spoiler compliments the size and shape of the X3M.

While the above two pieces transformed this car into something much more aggressive, the customer thought it needed one last slight touch to truly bring out its character. These BMW G01/F97 X3/X3M Carbon Fiber Splash Guards offered the perfect amount of extra personality that truly reveals an enthusiast behind the part choices. Along with the subtle look, these splash guards can also protect your vehicle from any mud or rocks that can be kicked up by your vehicles wheels.

If you or anyone else you know have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email info@rwcarbon.com or visit our website at www.rwcarbon.com. We would love to hear from you about your cars, comments, and or questions.

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