RW’s First X6M Man Style Diffuser Install

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The customer who owns this vehicle above was eager to outfit his vehicle with the aggressive carbon fiber aero needed to truly show off the power and personality of the car.

His First Carbon Fiber Diffuser

BMW F96 X6M with the DTM Style Carbon Fiber Diffuser

The first rear diffuser that he first purchased from us was our BMW F95/F96 X5M/X6M DTM Style Carbon Fiber Diffuser pictured directly above. This diffuser offered a great deal of aggression and style that was previously vacant. This piece however was only a center diffuser. Take a closer look at this piece directly below.

His Second Carbon Fiber Diffuser Upgrade

We have just release our very own brand new BMW F95 X5M/F96 X6M Man Style Carbon Fiber Diffuser. This diffuser is a full diffuser replacing the entire rear OEM bumper. This requires the entire bumper to be removed and is a more complicated install to the previous diffuser. While the customer was completely satisfied with his previous part, once this was available he couldn’t help but upgrade to the full diffuser. A closer look can be seen in the product images below.

Side by Side Comparison

As you can see, the Man Style diffuser offers a greater carbon fiber presence. Not that one diffuser is necessarily better than the other, but in this specific case our customer opted for the more aggressive choice once it became available.

If you or anyone else you know have any further questions about these RW BMW F96 X6M parts or our carbon fiber parts in general, please feel free to reach out to us via email at info@rwcarbon.com or visit our website at www.rwcarbon.com. We would love to hear from you about your cars, comments, and/or questions.

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