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Today we had a customer come in with his custom Mercedes W205 C63s wanting to add on some of RW’s finest carbon fiber pieces that would complement their custom carbon fiber hood. Our customer had only decided on a few pieces today, the parts list for this build consisted of a MERC W205 C63 BRS Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip and MERC W205 Sedan DTM Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler.  

MERC W205 C63 BRS Style CF Front Lip

Starting from the front end we installed the MERC W205 C63 BRS Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip making the front bumper look much more aggressive compared to the standard OEM bumper. The BRS front lip spoiler is made using 100% genuine 2×2 weave carbon fiber fabric and is compatible with all 2015-2021 Mercedes W205 C63 AMG Wagons and Sedans. Our customer has plans on coming back in the near future to finish the front end with RW’s Carbon Fiber Front Trim Piece.

MERC W205 Sedan DTM CF Trunk Spoiler

Moving to the back end is RW’s MERC W205 Sedan DTM Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler. This spoiler specifically is compatible with C300,C400,C450, and even the AMG models. This piece is one of our most popular spoilers to be added to the W205’s simply because of the simple yet aggressive styling that it has to offer.

If you have any questions or you’re looking to get your hands on some of our C63 products please feel free to contact one of our Carbon Fiber Specialists at info@rwcarbon.com or by phone at 714-328-4406. Our office in Anaheim Hills is open from 8:00AM to 4:00PM PST.

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