As you may assume installation difficulty can vary quite a bit depending on the product and application.  This article will help guide you to what parts you can install yourself and what parts are better left to a professional.  Many of our listings have brief installation guides, however if you ever have questions about how to install certain products do not hesitate to give us a call at 714.328.4406 or email us at info@rwcarbon.com.

Lip Spoilers:

The majority of front lip spoilers range from a mild difficulty level to advanced.  These are attached using self taping screws and sometimes the need of 3M double stick tape is needed.  There will be indented spots on the bottom of some lip spoiler that will need to be drilled out before the installation.  If the lip spoiler is single layers they you can just use the self taping screw (pre drilling and a helping hand highly is recommended).

Trunk Spoilers:

Trunk Spoilers are usually the easiest parts to install.  Most only require 3M double stick tape and a good eye.  Always test fit the trunk spoiler to make sure it fits perfectly, then apply generous amounts of tape to the bottom and stick the spoiler on the trunk.  Be careful to match the edges together and apply ample amounts of force to adhere the spoiler to the trunk’s surface.

Rear Diffusers:

Depending on application, diffusers can be very tricky.  Some applications like a BMW E60 M-Tech Diffuser is simply a stick on piece, however some require the removal of the real bumper.  Vehicles that come with an existing detachable rear diffuser like a Mercedes W204 C Class and C63 AMG or BMW F10 M5 can be installed without a bumper removal, but to get the best fitment possible, bumper removal is strongly recommended.  The OEM diffuser can usually be taken off without bumper removal but the installation of the new diffuser normally requires it.  Most of RW Carbon’s Diffusers have sturdy metal tabs on the back for easy adjusting and a strong mounting point.

Front & Rear Bumpers

RW Carbon always highly recommends that our customers have their bumpers professional installed.  We guarantee great fitment, but no car is exactly the same.  Test fitting and adjust is always required.  A professional body shop will know the tricks needed to get you the best fitment possible.  Our bumpers will come raw, so prepping and painting will be required.

Trunks & Hoods

Trunks and hoods are another item that we suggest professional installation.  As mentioned above in the front and rear bumper section, each application varies small amounts.  Each piece will require prepping, test fitting and adjusting for best fitment.  Carbon fiber hoods and trunks can be left raw as the carbon is clear coated.  Other FRP hoods and trunks will require painting.

If there are any products you would like more information on how to install, please do not hesitate to contact us at 714.328.4406 or email us at info@rwcarbon.com.