BimmerFest 2015

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This past weekend we attended the largest BMW meet in USA, Bimmerfest. This year was the 15th edition and drew in a crowd of 12,000, including dozens of vendors that came out to showcase some of their cool builds. This was the first year it was held at the Fontana Raceway and it definitely topped off the coolness factor having the show going while you had BMWs racing around  on the racetrack. Thank you to all of the BMW enthusiasts for making this show the largest in the US, we were especially happy to finally put faces to many of our customers. Check out Bimmerfest 2015 through our eyes below:

This was our first year showing at BimmerFest 2015, we anticipate being present for many years to come as the car meet continues to grow along side RW Carbon.

Bimmerfest-2015-1 Bimmerfest-2015-2 Bimmerfest-2015-3  Bimmerfest-2015-5 Bimmerfest-2015-6 Bimmerfest-2015-7 Bimmerfest-2015-8 Bimmerfest-2015-9 Bimmerfest-2015-10 Bimmerfest-2015-11 Bimmerfest-2015-12 Bimmerfest-2015-13 Bimmerfest-2015-14 Bimmerfest-2015-15 Bimmerfest-2015-16 Bimmerfest-2015-17 Bimmerfest-2015-18 Bimmerfest-2015-19 Bimmerfest-2015-20 Bimmerfest-2015-21 Bimmerfest-2015-22 Bimmerfest-2015-23 Bimmerfest-2015-24 Bimmerfest-2015-25 Bimmerfest-2015-26 Bimmerfest-2015-27 Bimmerfest-2015-28 Bimmerfest-2015-29 Bimmerfest-2015-30 Bimmerfest-2015-31 Bimmerfest-2015-32 Bimmerfest-2015-33

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