RW Carbon at Bimmerfest 2016

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Bimmerfest was an amazing hit his year. There was a huge turn out with lots of great vendors and enthusiasts at the Fontana Auto Club Speedway. If you were not able to make it please check out some of the great pictures we took. For more pictures please check out our Facebook page. A big thanks goes out to the Bimmerfest team that put on an awesome show this year. Can’t wait for next!

The RW Carbon Booth

RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-1 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-2 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-3 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-4 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-5 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-6 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-7 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-8 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-9 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-10

RW Carbon Team Photo


Bimmerfest’s track day on the Fontana Auto Club Speedway


blaque diamond wheel booth


ModBargains and Mod Auto Booth


Verde Custom Wheels

RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-18 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-20 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-21 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-23

New vs Old. BMW F82 M4 and E93 M3


Camo Wrapped BMW F06 M6 at the Aristo Collection Booth

RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-25 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-28

The new BMW M2!


Super Red Metallic BMW E46 M3

RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-37 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-43

Supreme Power’s BMW F82 M4 and F80 M3

RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-45 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-46 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-50 RW-Carbon-Bimmerfest-2016-57

The very rare BMW SLS AMG


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