RW Carbon Visits SoCal Euro

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Last weekend, we had the opportunity to attend an event that we have never been to before. SoCal Big Euro is a one day get together where car enthusiasts come to show off their builds. Along with the various cars that were present, there were also tons of vendors at the event to make sure that you didn’t leave empty handed. At our booth, we were able to give insight to people who were interested in carbon fiber parts for their vehicles as well as hand out free merch including posters, stickers, and lanyards. Along with the tons of people and vendors there giving out free stuff, SoCal euro was placed right next to a drag strip that was open to the public so people could test all of the hard work they had put into improving their build. This venue was perfect, it took place down in San Diego in the parking lot of the field that the old San Diego Chargers used to play at so that left us with plenty of space. This was the first time that RW Carbon has ever been to this event and we can confidently say that we will be returning to this event the next time it comes around.

Again a huge shoutout to the people who put on SoCal Big Euro, without them this event would not have been possible!

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