RW Carbon’s New F90 M5 Competition Project Car

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There were many cars that we considered when it came to choosing a new shop car. We still wanted something sporty that we could have fun with but also trick out with our latest carbon fiber designs. Introducing RW Carbon’s BMW F90 M5 Competition. This M5 pushes 625 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque ultimately pushing this car from 0-60 mph in 3.3 seconds. On top of the immense power, we chose this car in a very rare color, Champagne Quartz. With the color of the exterior combined with the Aragon Brown leather interior it makes the car stand out among other M cars. The look of this car is already very aggressive however, with some added carbon fiber the appearance will match the performance it can put out. This car is definitely going to go under the knife soon enough and we cannot wait to share with you the finished product. Stay tuned!

Trunk Spoiler Mounted

Our first piece for our shop F90 Competition has been installed! We have a few different trunk spoiler options for this car and we chose to go with the 3D Style Trunk Spoiler. This trunk spoiler gives the back end of this F90 some style without being too aggressive. This car is very classy and we believe that this trunk spoiler was the perfect fit to match the look of this car.

Front Lip, Diffuser, and Side Skirts

We couldn’t wait to make more additions to our BMW F90 M5 Competition so we decided to add a Man Style Front Lip, CF Side Skirt Extensions, and a Performance Style Rear Diffuser. With these parts added to our F90, the look changed drastically for the better. Each part that we added changed the car in some way, shape, or form. The front lip added the aggression that the front end was missing. The diffuser fills the void in the rear bumper. Lastly the side skirts change the side profile of the car giving it a much sleeker look overall.


CF Grilles and a new style Front Lip

Were always testing new products on our shop F90 M5. The latest items we have tested would be the Carbon Fiber Grille Surrounds and our BMW F90 CF Front Lip. These products work extremely well together to give the front end a much different but better look.

RW’s First Signature F90 Piece

We wanted to create something hat was unlike the other competitors on the market. We believe we hit the nail on the head with our RWS F90 M5 Trunk Spoiler. It is one of the more aggressive options on the market currently and we think that the size of it fits extremely well with the size of the F90 chassis.

F90’s New Shoes

Last week we decided to pull the trigger on some new shoes for our F90 M5. We were in search of a wheel structure that would compliment not only the color of the car, but the body lines as well. We decided on a set of 3 Piece Forged Wheels from Avant Garde. These wheels are 21x10x11 and fit this car like a glove. With a polished chrome lip and a gunmetal spoke color, these wheels compliment the car in such a unique way.

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