Metallic Silver E63 Gets a Carbon Fiber Upgrade

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Today we have a metallic silver Mercedes E36 AMG that came in looking for a few carbon fiber additions. We settled on a brand new trunk spoiler, a front lip, and some mirror caps to give it that bold look.

First we decided to fit the car with a RW Carbon ED1 Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler to give the back end a bit more attitude. This trunk spoiler adds the much needed sleek style to the back end of this car. This particular trunk spoiler really fits well with the attitude adjustment we are giving the car.

Next we added the front lip. We decided to fit this car with the RW Carbon BRS Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip. Our front lip really compliments the front end of this car and gives it the bold look we are trying to get out of this car.

Finally, the RW Carbon Fiber Mirror Cap Replacements. Our mirror caps really finish off the front of the car with the carbon fiber contrast we were going for. The carbon fiber really contrasts well with the rest of the parts as well as the metallic silver color of this car.

This Mercedes E63 left the shop with some fresh RW Carbon fiber additions and that bold look that it was looking for. If you are looking for some clean carbon fiber additions like these make sure to give us a call at 714.328.4406.

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