Brand New C63 Receives ET Style Lip

Category: Mercedes
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Today our customer brought in this beautiful brand new Mercedes W205 C63. They were looking for their first RW Carbon fiber addition and decided the front lip would be the perfect first addition.

This C63 has been fitted with our RW Carbon Fiber ET Style Front Lip. Our lip really emphasizes the unique look of the front end of this car and gives the car a bit more attitude compared to the stock front end.

This lip, like our other products, is finished with a UV resistant clearcoat to help fight fading and other discoloration to make sure that the lip stays looking fresh at all times. It took us under an hour to install and have the car looking clean and ready to hit the streets.

Compared to the previous model this C63 has a much nicer front profile. The grill on the newer model is a big improvement from the older models. Our front lip really finishes off the front end of this car giving it a more bold look.

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