The History of Forged Carbon

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Forged carbon was created jointly between Lamborghini and the Callaway Golf Company in the mid-2000s. Lamborghini at the time was attempting to reduce the cost of composite parts while still increasing the rate of production. Lamborghini eventually teamed up with the Callaway Golf Company to create a material that would be a major upgrade on current carbon fiber technology.

Forged carbon gradually began being applied to Lamborghini supercars which in turn created the trend of forged carbon parts on all sorts of vehicles. The creation of forged carbon has opened up the potential for exploring new scenarios in the automotive world. Not only are forged carbon parts more durable and flexible, but the molding cycles are also 3 minutes long which allows for quick production. While being superior in the production world, many people prefer the look of forged carbon parts which has lead to a spike in production.

Forged carbon parts have a very distinct look compared to regular carbon fiber parts due to the fact that forged carbon parts are created of carbon fiber scraps and in turn have a somewhat randomized weave. Many consumers have slowly begun to prefer forged carbon parts due to the reliability of the parts as well as the aesthetic. Here at RW Carbon, we have completed our first forged carbon kit on this F10 5-Series BMW and we could not be more satisfied with the end result. When our parts arrived at the warehouse we were surprised at how much different the forged carbon parts really were not only aesthetically but physically.

At RW Carbon we now provide a Forged Carbon option for all of the parts that we offer. If you would like more information about our forged carbon or carbon fiber parts feel free to contact us at 714-328-4406. Our office in Anaheim Hills is also open from 8:00AM to 4:00PM PST.

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