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At RW we are constantly getting photos sent to us from customers that are stoked on receiving and installing their carbon fiber parts. Some of the latest photos came from the owner of a freshly wrapped BMW M6.

This M6 got many pieces of ours including fender trims, trunk spoiler, rear diffuser, front lip, and mirror caps. The owner of this M6 went all out and got our pieces installed right after the whole car was wrapped in an army green looking color.

The chrome and gloss items had to go after this wrap was installed. This car with such a unique wrap deserved these carbon fiber accents. The carbon fiber added to this car really built this owners vision and brought it to life.

This carbon fiber outer diffuser was a very common option for this vehicle, especially paired with the performance style carbon fiber trunk spoiler. These two pieces combined on the back end of the aggressive M6 worked in perfect harmony to craft something that stood out.

The mirror caps also needed to be replaced with some carbon fiber. Mirror caps are some of the smallest most noticeable pieces on a car simply because they poke out from the body. The carbon fiber side skirts also added a great accent to the vehicle with the slight curve leading up to the rear wheel well. Along with those, the carbon fiber fender trims added to a solid looking side profile of the vehicle.

Lastly the front end of the vehicle could not have been left alone. This owner added our kholen style front lip. Ride height was not extremely compromised and it filled the void on this M6.

Overall this car went from stock, and underwent a complete face lift and color change in very minimal time. This owner wanted to make his car unique and he did just that.

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