F82 Improves With Our Performance Style Splitters and Diffuser.

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With a car like the M4, adding carbon fiber can really take the look of the car to the next level. Whether you like the more Traditional Carbon Fiber finish or a more messy finish with the Forged Carbon finish there is always an option at RW Carbon.

This specific F82 went with our M3/M4 Carbon Fiber Performance Style Diffuser and the M3/M4 Performance Style Splitters. These two pieces were a simple addition to this M4, but added so much to the cars overall look.

Our Carbon Fiber Performance Style Diffuser is a brilliant addition to this F82. The contrast of the white with the Carbon Fiber is a look that is sought after in these cars. The subtle look and color contrast that is added from this diffuser makes the back end come together.

In addition to the Diffuser this M4 went with our Carbon Fiber Performance Splitters to help tie-in the entirety of the car. Similar to the Diffuser these Splitters are a nice subtle upgrade for the overall look of this F82. The front end of all M4’s have such a clean finish that adding some subtle Carbon Fiber to it can really bring it to the next level.

Any questions about these parts? Feel free to reach out too us on the site or by email at info@rwcarbon.com and we will be happy to help!

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