Long Beach Blue M2 Paired with our CS Spoiler and Competition Lip

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Some people like to bring in their vehicles to add insanely aggressive wings and massive front lips, but this Long Beach Blue M2 Competition kept it simple by adding our CS Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler and CS Carbon Fiber Front Lip. These cars are a blast to drive and if it were completely up to us, these parts would come stock straight from the factory.

The spoiler on the rear end of the car gave it a subtle visual enhancement that the customer immediately fell in love with. Our CS Spoiler mounted on the top of the trunk lid added some extra personality and aggression without the massive “look at me” type of vibe. These CS Style Spoilers originated on the M3 CS and we were able to bring that same style to M2 Competition owners.

The front of the car also had some work done to improve its character by adding a CS Carbon Fiber Front Lip to fill the void in the front end. This lip is most definitely a popular option for M2 Competition owners hence why it is practically always out of stock. Along with the lip, the owner opted to have protection added to it to negate scraping via Sliplo. Sliplo ensures that entering steep driveways is always worry free due to the underside of the front lip taking little to no damage if installed correctly.

Overall, the M2 Competition is a passionate drivers car and deserves to look like one. After these two additions to the vehicle, we can confidently say that the car is ready to hit the road looking exactly how it should from factory.

Looking to get your M2 Competition dialed in with the array of parts we offer for your vehicle? Feel free to reach out to us via email at info@rwcarbon.com or on our website at www.rwcarbon.com.

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