Custom Forged RWS Kit Hits the Streets

Category: BMW, F80 M3
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In the ever growing carbon fiber market, forged carbon is finally beginning to catch momentum and make its scene in the industry. Our Forged Carbon Fiber catalog can be found here. Our very own signal green F80 M3 has a full custom kit by RW Signatures, RW Carbon’s partner company which specializes in unique one of a kind designs made for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. What makes forged carbon the next logical step in your future carbon endeavors? For starters it offers a new distinguishable look similar to that of a black and gray granite, and is stronger due to the high pressure and heat in which its constructed.

Featured on this unique vehicle is the RWS Forged Carbon Front Lip, RWS Forged Carbon Diffuser, RWS Forged Carbon Side Skirt Extensions, RWS Forged Carbon Trunk Spoiler, Forged Carbon Mirror Caps, Forged Carbon Fiber Rear Bumper Splitters, and the Upper Forged Carbon Fiber Splitters.

The pictures above show the forged carbon front lip and upper splitters. These two pieces work in conjunction to offer a very appealing and aggressive look from the front.

Moving along from the front end, the customization does not cease. The underbody of this M3 is lined with our very own RWS side skirt extensions accompanied by the forged carbon mirror caps.

The overflowing personality makes its rounds to the back end of the vehicle. The forged trunk spoiler, diffuser, and rear bumper splitters produce a mean and intimidating look to any and all who trail behind. In a combination of functionality and style, this full RWS Forged Carbon kit reaches the epitome of curbside appeal.

As Forged Carbon Fiber is growing in popularity, please feel free to reach out to us via email info@rwcarbon.com or visit our website at www.rwcarbon.com. We would love to hear from you about your cars, comments, and/or questions. See you on the road!

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