BMW G30 5 Series Spoiled With Carbon Fiber

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The BMW G30 5 Series is a vehicle that has a relatively simple design but is one that works. It is well proportioned and looks sporty enough to the point that someone on the street would not think its their grandparents luxury car. With this being said, a touch of carbon fiber on all sides clearly jump started this G30’s career in aggression. Its simple lines are erased with the sharp contours of the carbon fiber provided by RW Carbon. Featured on this vehicle is our BMW G30 3D Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler, BMW G30 F90 3D Style CF Side Skirt Extensions, BMW G30 3D Style Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser, and our BMW G30 F90 3D Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler.

This G30 3D Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler is just what this vehicle needed to bring up its mean front end appearance. Giving the illusion of hugging the ground a bit tighter and adding some extra edges serve to alter its curbside appearance for the better. Always genuinely constructed with a 2×2 weave pattern, you can always expect superior fitment and quality from RW Carbon. This lip installs in a simple fashion with self-tapping screws however is always recommended to be done by a professional.

These BMW G30 F90 3D Style CF Side Skirt Extensions enhance the side profile of this car tremendously. It offers some extra personality to the side that was lacking. These side skirts are also installed simply with self-tapping screws. You can get them installed in our Southern California Location.

Our BMW G30 3D Style Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser is our second diffuser released for the G30 5 Series. This diffuser is more aggressive than the EC style due to its side fins that extend to the back of the rear wheel wells. It is installed with a simple bolt-on installation.

What carbon fiber full kit is complete without a trunk spoiler? Our BMW G30 F90 3D Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler is the perfect piece to end on with this vehicle. Trunk spoilers bring the overall carbon fiber look together. This spoiler is the perfect amount of subtlety and aggression mixed together. this spoiler is easily installed with 3M double sided tape.

If you or anyone else you know have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email info@rwcarbon.com or visit our website at www.rwcarbon.com. We would love to hear from you about your cars, comments, and or questions.

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