BMW G16 850i Gran Coupe receives new Carbon Fiber

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The new BMW 8 series Gran Coupe is the perfect symmetry of space and sportiness, the 8 series Gran Coupe models embody luxury four-door coupe elegance all while maintaining incredible power with a 4.4 liter Twin-Turbo V8. On this build we equipped this G16 with our new line of 8 series carbon fiber parts. This included the BMW G14/G15/G16 8-Series Carbon Fiber Front Lip, BMW G16/F93 Gran Coupe GTX Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler, BMW G16 8-Series Gran Coupe Carbon Fiber Diffuser, and lastly the BMW G14 G15 G16 8 Series Carbon Fiber Fender Trims.

Improve the visual prowess of your BMW G14 G15 G16 with our 8-Series Carbon Fiber Front Lip. This carbon fiber front lip is built to make your 8-Series stand out among others on the road. With superior fitment and quality that is unmatched, you can rest assured that you are getting one of RW Carbon’s top products. This front lip is constructed using the same 2×2 carbon fiber weave pattern that is present from the factory in these vehicles so all of your carbon fiber will match!

RW Carbon brings a new carbon fiber rear diffuser for your BMW G16 M850i 8-Series Gran Coupe. This BMW G16 8-Series Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser provides an intense and aesthetic visual upgrade to the back side of your vehicle. Heads will turn as you pass with this diffuser and will become the new normal. This diffuser also includes the 3rd brake light that adds extra aggressiveness and style to your 8-Series rear end.

Mark up your vehicles aggression with this BMW G16 F93 M8 GTX Trunk Spoiler. Our GTX spoilers are the most aggressive style option we offer and is guaranteed to stand out among the others on the road. This spoiler is an easy install using only 3M tape and promoter.

Add to the carbon fiber exterior look with these new BMW 8 series carbon fiber fender trims. These are an overlay install using 3m tape and promoter. These fender trims are built with non-recycled raw plastic which ensures they do not fall apart or crack over time. These fender trims add the perfect flair to the side profile of your vehicle without being overbearing.

If you or anyone else you know have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us via email at info@rwcarbon.com or visit our website at www.rwcarbon.com. We would love to hear from you about your cars, comments, and or questions.

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