How to care for your Carbon Fiber

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Our carbon fiber does not require as much care as the exotic cars they come on. All of RW Carbon’s carbon fiber parts and accessories are finished off with a premium clear coat which gives them a protective layer and glossy finish. This clear coat is intended to protect your carbon fiber parts from the harsh elements they may endure during the time on your car. Over time UV rays, weathering, and rock chips can cause wearing on the parts if not properly maintained. We recommend purchasing our carbon fiber care kit to insure that you don’t fall behind on the maintenance of your carbon fiber parts, our care kit includes, spray wax detailer, soft compound, premium wax, and all application devices needed for a good detail job.

Here are ways to preserve your carbon fiber in the best way possible

  1. Always try to keep the carbon fiber’s surface clean from any harmful substances such as dirt, dust, hard water spots, oils, and any other contaminants. 
  2. If you live in areas with harsh weather then you will want to use a clay bar several times a year to remove embedded contaminants that may not be visible by the naked eye.
  3. Once the surface has been cleaned and prepared, Utilize products such as wax, seal coats, and ceramic coatings. These need to be reapplied every 2-4  months depending on what product you choose to use.
  4. For the most effective protection we recommend using a PPF film or clear bra to be installed over the carbon fiber. This enhances its protection and adds a replaceable protectant in the event of potential damage.  

Check out this step-by-step tutorial of our General Manager Cory using the carbon fiber care kit to clean, wax and care for your carbon fiber parts

Have more questions about carbon fiber upkeep and care? Please email us at info@rwcarbon.com or give us a call at 714-328-4406.

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