Upgrades to Marina Blue F82

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A BMW F82 M4 in Marina Blue recently made its way to RW Carbon, a premier destination for high-quality carbon fiber upgrades. The owner of this stunning vehicle was looking to enhance its appearance and complement their custom hood with some carbon fiber upgrades.

BMW F82 M4 Varis Style CF Front Lip

At RW Carbon, the customer was presented with a variety of options, but they quickly zeroed in on the BMW F82 M4 Varis Style CF Front Lip. This carbon fiber front lip added a touch of sportiness to the front bumper and improved the aerodynamics of the vehicle. The high-quality construction of the front lip ensured a perfect fit and finish, giving the M4 an overall aggressive look.

BMW F82 M4 Upper Carbon Fiber Splitters

Next, the customer decided to enhance the car’s appearance with BMW F82 M4 Upper Carbon Fiber Splitters. These little splitters make such a big difference when added to your front bumper. These pieces are professionally crafted using genuine carbon fiber fabric in a 2×2 weave pattern. This product will match all other 2×2 RW Carbon products. These splitters were installed with precision, giving the car a seamless and sleek upgrade.

BMW M4 Full Carbon Fiber Performance Style Splitters

Finally, the customer went all out with the BMW M4 Full Carbon Fiber Performance Style Splitters. Not only did these splitters enhance the appearance of the car, but they also served a practical purpose by directing air to the brakes for improved cooling. Adding this piece gives the car a sportier look and replaces that boring naked OEM look.

In the end, the customer was thrilled with the results of their carbon fiber upgrades from RW Carbon. The BMW F82 M4 Varis Style CF Front Lip, BMW F82 M4 Upper Carbon Fiber Splitters, and BMW M4 Full Carbon Fiber Performance Style Splitters all worked together to create a Marina Blue M4 that was both stylish and performance-driven. The owner now has a unique and customized BMW M4 that is sure to turn heads wherever they go.

If you have any questions or you’re looking to get your hands on some of our F82 products please feel free to contact one of our Carbon Fiber Specialists at info@rwcarbon.com or by phone at 714-328-4406. Our office in Anaheim Hills is open from 8:00AM to 4:00PM PST.

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