The Various G8X Grille Options from RW

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RW Carbon is taking full advantage of the new design for the G8X’s by coming out with different variations of the grilles. With full carbon fiber options as well as a gloss black option, RW has you covered in terms of enhancing the front end of your G8X.

G8X M3/M4 CSL Style Carbon Grille

Starting with our most aggressive option by far, our CSL grille for your G8X M3/M4. This grille is a game changer for the front end of your vehicle. This grille completely replaces the OEM grille with a full carbon grille featuring a fresh and updated design. This grille is constructed using your traditional 2×2 carbon fiber weave to match any other RW Carbon pieces on your vehicle. To install this grille, it does require a bumper removal, which we recommend going to a certified professional for.

BMW G8x M3/M4 Gloss Black Grille

Moving to another option similar to the CSL grille, our gloss black M3/M4 grille. This grill is for someone looking to swap not only the design of their OEM grille but also the finish. Our G8X Gloss Black Grille is made using high strength ABD plastic to ensure a long lasting product. This grille is a direct replacement to your OEM grille which means that no modifications are required to install this. This grille also requires a bumper removal to install correctly.

BMW G8X M3/M4 DTM Style Carbon Fiber Grille

This grille is a much different style as opposed to the other two styles mentioned previously. This grille is much more OEM and provides an overall sleek look to the front end of the vehicle. This grille is also constructed using the same 2×2 carbon fiber weave as other parts and is also covered in a high gloss UV Resistant clear coat to ensure a long lasting shine for time to come.

Each one of these grilles come with the option to include or exclude traffic jam assistance so no functionality is lost when swapping grilles from OEM to one of our stylish options. If you have any questions about this or any other functionality questions please feel free to reach out to us at Info@rwcarbon.com or by phone at 714-328-4406.

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