RW Carbon’s Hottest G80 & G82 Summer Builds: Embrace the Heat in Style!

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Hey there, car enthusiasts! As the scorching summer heat takes over, RW Carbon is here to set the roads ablaze with our hottest G80 and G82 Summer Builds. These stunning creations not only turn heads but also elevate the performance and aesthetics of these exceptional vehicles. Buckle up and join us on a journey through 3 remarkable builds that showcase the beauty of carbon fiber.

@ntrannnnn’s Pink G80 with RW’s G8X RWS Carbon Fiber Front Lip

When it comes to making a statement, @ntrannnnn knows how to do it right! Her Pink G80 catches eyes and turns heads, thanks to its bold color and carefully chosen RW Carbon upgrades.

The G8X RWS Carbon Fiber Front Lip perfectly complements the Pink G80’s distinct style. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this front lip effortlessly enhances the vehicle’s aggressive look without compromising on its elegance. The carbon fiber weave adds a touch of luxury, and the sleek design perfectly integrates with the G80’s contours, delivering an unmistakable visual impact.

@hbkaag’s All Black Track G80 with RW’s Performance Style Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extensions and Carbon Fiber CSL Style Front Lip

When speed and performance are top priorities, @hbkaag’s All Black track G80 is an inspiring choice. Designed for high-octane track days and thrilling drives, this build features RW Carbon’s Performance Style Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extensions and Carbon Fiber CSL Style Front Lip, taking the G80’s appearance to a whole new level.

The Performance Style Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extensions add a touch of aggression and sportiness to the already fierce All Black G80. Its lightweight and durable construction ensures that functionality is never compromised, even during the most intense track sessions. Equally impressive is the Carbon Fiber CSL Style Front Lip, which balances aerodynamic efficiency with unmatched style.

The Radiant Twilight Purple

One of the essential aspects of the Twilight Purple G80 M3’s aesthetics is the front end. Our customer opted for RW Carbon’s Performance Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip, and it was a match made in heaven. The carbon fiber front lip seamlessly integrated with the G80 M3’s design, adding an extra layer of aggression and style to the vehicle’s already fierce appearance.

At the rear, the G80 M3 showcased an RW Carbon Performance Style Diffuser, elevating the car’s visual appeal to a whole new level. Crafted with precision, the carbon fiber diffuser blended harmoniously with the Carbon Fiber Performance Exhaust Cover. The cover’s carbon fiber weave design brought a touch of luxury to the exhaust area, without compromising the car’s menacing exhaust note.

At RW Carbon, we take immense pride in providing car enthusiasts with top-of-the-line carbon fiber upgrades that elevate their driving experience to new heights. Whether it’s for enhancing the aesthetics or adding a subtle touch of sportiness, our carbon fiber products are crafted to perfection. Join us on our journey of bringing passion and innovation to the automotive world, one carbon fiber upgrade at a time.

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