Unveiling Elegance: Toronto Red Beauty Gets the RWS Carbon Treatment!

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We’re thrilled to share the recent unwrapping of our jaw-dropping shop car, drenched in the mesmerizing Toronto Red. But the magic doesn’t stop there – this beauty is decked out with a suite of RW’s Carbon upgrades designed for the everyday driver.

CF Mirror Cap Replacements: Elevate your style with these sleek carbon fiber mirror cap replacements, adding a touch of sophistication to your ride.

RWS Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler (BMW F95 X5M): Make a bold statement with the RWS Carbon Fiber Front Lip Spoiler, giving your BMW F95 X5M an aggressive edge that’s bound to turn heads.

Gloss Black Double Slat Grilles (BMW G05 X5/F95 X5M): Transform your front grille with the Gloss Black Double Slat Grilles, seamlessly blending style and substance for an unmistakably refined look.

Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Trim (BMW F95 X5M): Enhance the front-end aesthetics with the Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Trim, designed to showcase your taste for premium craftsmanship.

Carbon Fiber Front Splitters (BMW F95 X5M): Amp up the sporty vibe with Carbon Fiber Front Splitters, accentuating the aggressive style of your BMW F95 X5M.

Carbon Fiber Side Vent Covers (BMW F95 X5M): Embrace a small touch of exclusivity with Carbon Fiber Side Vent Covers, adding a unique visual element to your everyday drive.

RWS Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extensions (BMW G05 X5/F95 X5M): Seamlessly integrate performance aesthetics with these Side Skirt Extensions, enhancing the dynamic profile of your BMW G05 X5 or F95 X5M.

RWS Carbon Fiber Diffuser (BMW F95 X5M/F96 X6M): Conclude the carbon fiber extravaganza with the RWS Carbon Fiber Diffuser, elevating the rear design of your BMW F95 X5M or F96 X6M to new heights of sophistication.

Incorporate these RWS Carbon fiber components into your daily driver, and experience the perfect fusion of style and practicality. It’s not just a car, it’s a statement!

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