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As the automotive world transitions towards electrification, the roar of the mighty V8 engine is becoming a rare symphony. In the midst of this evolution, Mercedes-Benz bids farewell to an era with the 2023 AMG C63S Final Edition – the last of its kind featuring the iconic V8 engine. At RW Carbon, we recently had the pleasure of working with a passionate customer who brought in this final masterpiece, seeking to enhance its aesthetics through a full custom carbon fiber kit.

1. Mercedes W205 C63 C63S Coupe ED1 Style Carbon Fiber Front Lip: Our customer’s journey into enhancing the visual appeal of their AMG C63S began with the installation of our carbon fiber front lip. This carefully crafted front lip not only adds a touch of aggressiveness to the vehicle’s demeanor but also ensuring a seamless blend of style and functionality.

Mercedes W205 C63 AMG Carbon Fiber Front Trim: The devil is in the details, and our customer understood that well. The Mercedes W205 C63 AMG Carbon Fiber Front Trim, with its impeccable fit and finish, became the next addition to this build. Enhancing the car’s front profile, this carbon fiber front trim complements the existing lines and contours, creating a cohesive and captivating look compared to the boring OEM plastic.

Mercedes W205 C63/C63S Coupe 19+ Carbon Fiber Diffuser: The rear end of a high-performance vehicle is just as crucial as its front, if not more. Our Mercedes W205 C63/C63S Coupe 19+ Carbon Fiber Diffuser is designed for both form and function, adds an extra layer of sophistication to the vehicle’s rear profile.

Mercedes W205 Coupe ED1 V2 Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler: A tasteful spoiler can make a bold statement without being overbearing. In the case of the AMG C63S Final Edition, the Mercedes W205 Coupe ED1 V2 Style Carbon Fiber Trunk Spoiler served this purpose perfectly. This spoiler, meticulously crafted and designed for a perfect seamless fit.

Mercedes Carbon Fiber Mirror Replacements W205 W213 W222: Completing the transformation, our customer opted for our Mercedes Carbon Fiber Mirror Replacements, adding a final touch of carbon fiber elegance to the side profile. Beyond the aesthetic upgrade, these mirror replacements are lightweight and durable, a testament to the commitment to both style and functionality.

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